Service Ranks

vLieutenant General (vLTGEN)

The Chief of Army is the only person to hold this rank in AAV.

vMajor General (vMAJGEN)

The Deputy Chief of Army is the only person to hold this rank in AAV.

vBrigadier (vBRIG)

Both the Army Headquarters Chief of Staff (COFS) and the Commander, 16 Avn Bde hold this rank.

vColonel (vCOL)

The Commandant of the Army Aviation Training Centre is the only pilot who holds this rank. Other Staff Officers may be appointed in this rank to perform a senior role.

vLieutenant Colonel (vLTCOL)

All aviation regiment Commanding Officers are vLieutenant Colonels, and the Chief Instructor at the Army Aviation Training Centre. Other Staff Officers may be appointed in this rank to perform a senior role.

vMajor (vMAJ)

vMajors are the first level of command. They normally are the Officer Commanding of a Squadron or Wing. They are the first officer rank that has a position in training command.

vCaptain (vCAPT)

A vCaptain is considered to be a senior pilot. He/She has completed a number of hours (normally more than 50hrs) in flying and has most likely seen operational service. vCaptains would most likely be looking for promotional courses for vMajor.

vLieutenant (vLT)

Once a pilot is completely ready and has completed all the necessary courses he will be promoted to a vLieutenant.

vSecond Lieutenant (v2LT)

Pilots on gaining their wings will be promoted to vSecond Lieutenant.

vOfficer Cadet (vOCDT)

On your initial appointment after joing AAV all trainee’s will be given the rank vOfficer Cadet.


vOCDT – v2LT For pilots of the permanent forces promotion will occur once the Tactical Helicopter Course (THC) is complete. Pilots may choose to take a posting at this stage before returning to complete Officers Basic Course (OBC).
v2LT – vLT Promotion will occur on completion of OBC.
vLT – vCAPT Require a minimum of 50 hours flying. This does not include training flights.
vCAPT – vMAJ vMajor’s are command appointments and require the completion of the Officers Advanced Course (OAC). vCapt’s are able to complete this course however promotion is based on service needs and is competitive.
vMAJ – vLTCOL Promotion is purely competitive and is performance based.
vLTCOL – vCOL or vBRIG As there is only one vCOL pilot appointment, it is not mandatory to go to the rank before progressing. The Commandant, Army Aviation Training Centre and the Commander, 16 (Avn) Bde are Formation Level Commanders. It is mandatory to complete the Officers Executive Course (OEC) before being appointed a Formation Level Commander. Appointment of other positions is purely competitive.
All promotions beyond vBRIG are not normally available however from time to time these position may become vacant. Anyone who is a vMAJ or above may apply for these positions when they become vacant.