ANZAC Day 2016

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We draw to the close of 101 years since the landing of ANZACs at Gallipoli. As the sun sets on the shores of Turkey in 1915, Australian soldiers were left in shock and horror of what them and their fellow country men had just been through. For many of them the last 12 hours of battle will be the longest day in their lives. Many others will go on to fight in the trenches of France. 101 years on, and we are reminded of the legacy they have left and pause to honour their commitment to our peace and liberty. ANZAC Day means something different to all of us. I am reminded of what my fathers experience some 45 years ago fighting once again for our country men and women on the foreign soil of Vietnam.

I am proud of the country we have become and legacy we are able to set for the generations of tomorrow. Australian Army Virtual pauses for a moment for us to remember who who have, are and will serve our country for the protection of our national interests. Lest we forget.